Integrated Oil Field Solutions – Windows 8 Demo Application






Integrated Oil Field Solutions (IOFS) is a Windows 8 demo application designed and developed for Oil and Gas Industry to demonstrate a single integrated platform for oil field management. It depicts a scenario of a production engineer in the petroleum department of an oil company, supporting an off-shore oil-field. It focuses on how technology may be incorporated  to improve operational efficiency and performance of oilfields.

Application Features:

  • A high level dashboard for asset management – helps discipline leads to give an immediate visual summary of the asset’s performance.  
  • Automated well-test workflow – showing how well tests are performed and validated more effectively and efficiently.
  • Well alarm workflow – showing how the deviation events can be easily analyzed and how experts can be identified and incorporated into the workflow.
  • Production loss / deferment workflow – showing how production events can be automatically measured and validated for reporting and analysis of cause.
  • Mobile workforce – A scenario to depict how IOFS takes its role in incorporating mobile workforce using GPS and cloud based data management.

Designed and Developed by: Shamlia Shukkur


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